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The housing market in Northern Illinois has changed dramatically in the past several months. There are fewer homes on the market and buyer activity is extremely strong – this means rising home values. Some areas have even seen an immediate and significant price increase. In just a few short months, we have switched from a solid buyer’s market to a sellers market. Want to know how the value of your home has changed? Find out:

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There are many factors that influence your home’s value – location, condition, size, age and more. The only way to get an accurate value estimate is by consideration of all of these factors.
By using a targeted analysis – comparing your home to others that have sold in your direct market area, I will present you the most accurate value estimate for your home. Plus you’ll know exactly who your competition is if you’re planning on selling your home.
Part of estimating value is knowing the sales history of the region but an equally important part is predicting future sales. Working in the local market daily, I know first-hand what’s going on and through careful analysis can even give you insight into where things are headed.